Business Litigation and Defense

A business lawsuit or dispute can be costly, so seeking a speedy resolution to any corporate dispute is paramount.  Instead of treading through the murky waters of litigation and disagreement, enlist the services of the Buitrago Law Firm, P.A. to navigate your company through this process to ensure that the financial state of your company remains afloat.

The Buitrago Law Firm, P.A. has experience in representing corporations through negotiations, mediations, and arbitrations, in an effort to ensure that it does all that it can to save its clients’ money outside of litigation.  But, the Buitrago Law Firm, P.A. will see any case through the court system, if it is the correct route in preserving its clients’ rights.

The Buitrago Law Firm, P.A. provides its clients the following services:


• Business Formation

• Business Consultation

• Breach of Contract Disputes

• Corporate Structure

• Disputes Between Business Owners

• Partnership Agreements

• Partnership and LLC Dissolution

• Severance Agreements

• Release from Liability Agreements

• Employments Discrepancies

• Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims

• Fraud Claims

• Contract Claims


The Buitrago Law Firm, P.A. handles client matters with great discretion and confidentiality.  Also, our staff’s customer service is essential our success.  So, please give us a call to reach one of our staff members to discuss speaking with an attorney today at (954) 334-5856.




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